5 Video Games That Will Help You Relax After Work

Do you find it hard to switch off after work?

There are many activities you can try to help you relax. You could listen to some soothing music. Maybe you need to break a sweat at the gym. Sometimes a relaxing walk will do it.

You might not believe it, but there are tons of video games that can help you relax too. Not every title involves a weapon or tons of carnage. There are some fantastic ones that can help you chill out after work with their colourful graphics and simple gameplay. Here are some you should check out.

1. Unpacking

A game about unpacking boxes in your house might not sound relaxing, but you’ll be surprised. The graphics are more cartoony, and you’ll immediately fall in love with this tedious task.

You’ll start unpacking boxes as a toddler and eventually grow up and go to college, then get your own place before moving in with a partner. Don’t be shocked by how organised you will get during the game. It’s a great way to switch off work and focus on another simple task.

2. Abzu

Have you ever been scuba diving? If you have, you’ll love Abzu. If you haven’t, you’ll want to book some annual leave and go. In this game, you’ll head to the darkest areas of the ocean. You’ll come across every sea creature you can think of on your travels.

You can lose hours swimming alongside different fish and mammals. There is also a button you can press where you hang on to a fin and get taken for a ride. Combined with the music, it’s a relaxing title that allows you to soak in the wonders of the ocean.

3. Flower

The concept of Flower is simple. You’re a gust of wind that collects petals as you blow through fields and gardens. As the colours begin to mix and the music picks up, you’ll immediately enter a moment of zen unlike anything else.

The simplicity of the controls means anyone can pick this up and immediately switch off from all their troubles at the office. It’s not a very long game, but it’s something you can play anytime you need to escape reality.

4. Tetris Effect

You’ve probably heard of Tetris, even if you’re not into video games. You would have seen the falling blocks you need to manipulate to make complete rows. Tetris Effect is precisely that, but with a bit of an upgrade from its original form.

There is a mode that is themed as slow and relaxing. There are neon images that appear alongside the traditional board. As you place blocks, the music’s beat will match the imagery. There’s no end game. You can play as long as you want until you’ve forgotten all about your work day.

5. Firewatch

Firewatch is a little different from other games on this list. There is an interesting story that plays out. However, it’s the setting that will help you switch off after work.

You have volunteered to live in a fire lookout in the Wyoming forest. The only person you communicate with is a ranger. The more you talk to one another, the more you learn about one another. A mystery plays out, and it has a satisfying ending, like a great book.

Make Time for Video Games

As a leader, you must learn to relax outside the office. You need to find something that resonates with you and will stick. Make time for some video games like the ones above. Remember, these are just five examples. There are dozens, if not hundreds, more. You’ll easily be able to go down a rabbit hole and find something for yourself.

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