How to Decide What Your Next Role Will Be

Do you consider yourself to be career-driven?

You might have a career development plan and know exactly where you want to be and by when. Sometimes you achieve your goal earlier than expected, and other times it might take longer. But no matter what, you’re always progressing forward.

What if you’re not like this? How do you decide what your next role will look like? Do you just ride the wave and see opportunities present themselves, or do you pursue something that interests you? If you’re unsure what’s next for your career, take a moment to read this and think about how you should prepare yourself.

Where Do Your Interests Lie?

An excellent place to start is by asking yourself what you’re interested in. While you might be in a sales or customer service leadership role at the moment, you might have been exposed to other areas of the business and want to explore opportunities there. It could be anything from project management to marketing.

Start thinking about what you would need to do to enter that field. If you have colleagues in these departments, have a chat with them about what you would need to work on. The good news is that in most industries, a lot of your skills will be transferrable.

How Much Extra Responsibility Do You Want?

If you plan on moving up within your organisation or to another company, you should also expect additional responsibilities. It could be taking on more direct reports or a higher budget. Whatever it might be, you should also expect more pressure as you’ll have new expectations.

You should think about how you handle your stress levels in your current role. If you feel you have them under control, you should be fine adjusting to a position with additional responsibilities. But if you’re struggling mentally at the moment, then moving up too high might be too much at the moment.

What Are You Passionate About?

It’s a good idea to take a moment to think about what motivates you and what you’re passionate about. Going into a higher role will satisfy your desire if it’s all about money. But if you want to feel like you’re making a contribution or serving a purpose, then you might need to be picky about the type of position you want to tackle next.

Some people just want a seat at the table so they can be involved in the discussion on the direction of the business. In this instance, look at the people at the table and ask yourself if you would like to be in one of their roles. What do you need to do to get there, or how can you create your own position that doesn’t currently exist?

Where Can You Go From Your Next Role?

While you might be thinking about your next role, you should also consider the one after that and even the one after that. The following job you take is unlikely to be your last one. If it is, then great. But if not, you want to know you’ve got options available when it’s time to move on.

It doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be the managers above your next role. You want options and the ability to get exposed to more departments and industries. It should build upon your current transferrable skills so you can choose which path you want to take.

Start Planning for Your Next Role

Once you know what your next role will be, the work begins. Start creating a development plan and working out what you need to do to move into this position. Speak to people within your company or experts on social media who can help you move up. Most importantly, dedicate time to working towards this goal. Don’t just rely on the experience in your current job.

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