How to Find the Best Way to Communicate to Your Team

Do you find it challenging to communicate with your team members?

Some prefer one method, while others like mixing it up. It can often depend on the message you need to deliver that will determine the best way to communicate with them.

But how do you figure this out? Every message you must deliver is essential, but some communication methods are more effective than others. If you want to get it right the first time, use this guide to reach your team members.

Communicating With Email or Messaging

Not everything needs to be a meeting or a one-on-one conversation. If you have an update or are following up on a request, then a simple email or message should suffice.

You can also use email for company or performance updates. Not everyone in your team will be interested in them, so this allows them to choose how invested they are in this news.

When to Meet Via Call or Video

Meeting over a call, video, or in-person can help you understand how much of your message is getting acknowledged. It could be providing feedback to a direct report or discussing a change in strategy. This method allows you both to converse back and forth before moving forward.

However, it’s also a good idea to organise calls or videos without it being about feedback. Sometimes you should use it to check-in. Otherwise, your team members will attribute a request to chat to mean you have something negative to discuss with them.

Communicating to the Whole Team

When you need to meet with the majority of the team or all your direct reports, it should be meaningful. It could be a team meeting or a discussion on strategy. These sessions should be a group conversation and allow everyone to contribute.

You should run a team meeting at least once a month. It shouldn’t be a general chit-chat. It should have a purpose. Use it to run a strategy on what you will achieve in the next month or how you will embed a process change. Avoid performance updates or anything that could be an email. You want to have a topic that will generate a discussion.

Tailor Your Message to Your Audience

The most crucial aspect of delivering a message is tailoring it to your audience. This is about the language you use and the way you frame it so it’s understood by your direct reports. Some will want to know what is in it for them, while others just want to stay in the loop. Sometimes it will vary depending on the update. You’ll need to learn this to ensure what you’re delivering is effective.

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