5 Silly Sales Mistakes Your Team Might Be Making

It’s always a good idea to stay on top of what your sales team are doing.

Once they get a sniff of success with one of their strategies, they’ll stick with it. This is not necessarily a bad thing. But it can cause them to miss opportunities and give up on potential wins because they don’t play out the way they hope. It’s these sales mistakes that can be the difference between achieving targets and missing them.

When you run a training session, bring to light these sales mistakes. Once they become aware, the good ones will go out of their way to avoid them moving forward.

1. Going into Solution Mode Immediately

One of the biggest sales mistakes that team members make is when they offer up a solution too soon. Because they think they know the product or service so well, they will only ask one or two questions before going into their pitch. For example, if a customer wants a new phone, they will start selling an iPhone.

While they might have a high chance of converting the sale, they have also increased their chances of losing it within a cooling-off period. The customer might get buyer’s remorse when they realise the product or service doesn’t meet their needs. They just bought into a great pitch. If you want long-term customers, you must address this issue.

2. Not Personalising the Product or Service

This sales mistake goes hand in hand with the first point. When a representative only asks one or two questions, they don’t get a good sense of why the customer is looking to buy the product or service. The reason you might be looking to buy a new phone will be different to mine.

You can’t get to these reasons without asking questions. It shouldn’t be an interrogation. It must be a conversation. A casual chat is more likely to get the customer to open up than a series of hard-hitting questions to extract the truth from someone.

3. Not Knowing When to Close

You would think all salespeople should know when to go for the close. But it’s not always the case. Some might do it too soon, while others miss the obvious signs that a customer is ready to wrap it up. They’ll then continue to finish their pitch, which ends up going over their head or talking them out of signing on the dotted line.

In your sales refresher, explain how to identify these signs. They should know when to finish it or convince the customer to take the conversation to the signing stage. The better they get at it, the more sales you can expect.

4. Leaving Out Important Information

Some salespeople fear giving out too much information when pitching their product or service. They worry about saying the wrong thing or anything offputting which may kill the sale. However, without disclosing the critical details, the customer will find out for themselves, which could negatively impact your brand.

Much like closing, there is an art to disclosing the terms and conditions. It could be as simple as saying, “I have to run through these details quickly to ensure you know what you’re purchasing, so bare with me”. Then you just recite it like a script. Most customers will understand this and can relate to the situation.

5. Controlling the Conversation

Another common sales mistake is not controlling the conversation. When this occurs, the rep is simply answering questions rather than being the one selling the product or service. Once the customer has all their questions answered, they will often end the conversation. It becomes a lost opportunity.

The best way to handle this situation is to respond to the customer’s question with a question. Explain that you can answer all their queries, but you just need to gather some information to ensure you’re providing the correct details. Once you begin asking questions, you’re back in control and can perform your normal process to get the sale.

Be on the Lookout for Sales Mistakes

Sales mistakes are common. It’s not a bad thing. It happens when your people fall into habits or become too comfortable with their pitches. While they might still be hitting their targets or goals, it’s about what they’re missing out on and how they can reduce these instances.

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