5 Free Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Team Members

There are other ways to show appreciation to your team members besides a pizza day.

Sure, who doesn’t love pizza? But it’s not always the best way to thank your direct reports. Plus, it’s often for the entire team instead of the people you want to demonstrate you’re grateful for.

Budgets are getting slashed at many businesses due to the rising energy costs and interest rates. So how can you show your team members that you appreciate them without dipping into your finances? Try these ideas.

1. Just Say Thanks

The easiest way to show appreciation to your staff is by saying thanks for the work they do. If they had a big sales day or went above and beyond for a customer, then thank them for what they did.

Some staff members might come in early or stay back late. You probably know of team members who don’t take lunch breaks. Thank them for the hours they put in, but at the same time, encourage them to step away from the desk for their wellbeing.

2. A Message From Your Boss

In addition to showing your appreciation, ask your manager to send a message to your team member thanking them for their efforts. The higher up the leader, the more impact it will have on your direct report.

If possible, ask them to handwrite it. An email or direct message is nice. But a thank you note is something they can hang on to and will make more of an impact on your team member.

3. Time Off Work

If your team member requests a day off or wants to leave early, then approve it. An even better way to show your appreciation is to provide this time off without it coming out of their leave entitlements.

Let them know you’re doing this to thank them for their hard work and efforts. If they are not taking lunch breaks or doing longer hours than they’re contracted, then you can use this as justification for approving the leave without dipping into entitlements.

4. Increased Flexibility

For many employees, flexibility is becoming an expectation. It’s not just about working from home when they please. It can incorporate when they start their day, go for lunch, or finish their shift.

If you have a staff member who doesn’t utilise their flexible work options, speak to them about it. Let them know that you appreciate the work they do and want to reward them with more flexibility in their day. Personalise it to their life and check in from time to time to ensure it still meets their needs.

5. Provide Mentoring Opportunities

If you’ve had career discussions with your direct report, think about setting them up with mentors within your organisation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be leaders. It could be with people in marketing, digital, or finance.

Tell them you’ll reallocate work to provide the time off for this opportunity. Let them know you’re doing this to show appreciation for their hard work. They need to recognise why you’re giving this to them.

The Importance of Showing Your Appreciation

You don’t have to go overboard with appreciation in the workplace. There’s no need to shout it from the rooftops or on a social media platform. It should be a personal experience between you and your direct report. Use these activities and find out how your team members like to feel appreciated.

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