Why You Need to Be More Appreciative of Your Staff

Sadly, there are still organisations that believe their staff are lucky to work for them.

But the great resignation is a sign that companies must rethink how they treat their staff. It’s not wholly and solely about how much they pay them. It’s also how they treat and appreciate their contributions to the organisation.

If you have opened this article, you’ve taken the first step to changing your mindset and learning why you need to be more appreciative of your staff. Here’s why it’s vital.

Increased Engagement

One of the key reasons people began resigning was because they no longer felt connected to the business. They asked themselves why they were doing what they were doing. They got tired of feeling underappreciated and poorly treated by their superiors.

Showing your appreciation can help increase staff engagement. If your direct reports know that their work is being noticed and directly influences the company’s success, they will feel more connected with the organisation.

Reduced Turnover

Many businesses are struggling to find staff. There are many videos online of companies that have seen entire teams walk off the job because they don’t feel appreciated. The business then struggles to refill these positions and continue operations.

When your staff feel appreciated, quitting will be the furthest thing from their mind. They know how they contribute to the business’s success and are valued for their efforts. Provided their compensation is in line with the company’s growth, they probably won’t update their resume.

Succession Planning

Staff that feel appreciated are more likely to want to progress within the organisation. If you have a solid succession plan for your company, then if people begin moving on to other roles or leave your organisation, you’ll have team members who can replace them.

It’s never too soon to start thinking about who can move into your role. You should have multiple options. They should have choices on where they can go within the organisation. This will provide pathways they can pursue that don’t require them to leave the company to find it.

Belief in the Cause

You want people in your organisation to believe in the company’s cause. It could be to make people healthier, happier, or wealthier. Whatever the reason your business exists, your staff should have a connection to it and believe what they’re selling.

They can connect more when they feel appreciated, and their work is valued. There needs to be a purpose behind the tasks they complete each and every day. If they don’t feel like what they’re doing is meaningful or it isn’t valued by anyone, they’ll start looking for work that is.

Start Being More Appreciative to Your Staff

Your staff aren’t lucky to have a job at your organisation. You’re fortunate to have the people that you do. The sooner you start showing appreciation and valuing the work your team members do, the more likely they will stick around and help your company meet its goals and objectives.

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