How to Easily Improve Your Soft Skills

It can be challenging to create a development plan for your soft skills.

Some of the areas you’ll want to focus on are communication and empathy. Another is problem-solving. But does improving this skill mean you have to look for issues to resolve?

Fortunately, there are easy ways to give your soft skills some attention that doesn’t require issues in the workplace to be present. If you want to improve these attributes, consider using some of these techniques.

Team Up With Another Leader

If you have a team free of conflicts or that you’re comfortable communicating with, then you want to look outside of your direct reports. Reach out to your colleagues and chat with them about what soft skills you want to focus on. Veteran leaders can offer tips or advice on what you can do.

There could be other leaders who are currently developing the soft skills you want to work on. Consider them a study buddy. When they are put into a situation where they have to use empathy or resolve a conflict, offer your assistance to gain experience.

Seek Feedback

You might know what soft skills you want to work on. But, others might have a different view. They might think you’re more advanced or need to focus on something you’re unaware of. For some reason, it could be a blind spot that hasn’t caught your attention.

When you’re seeking feedback, be sure to collect opinions from a range of people. Speak to your direct reports, chat with colleagues, and ask your manager their thoughts. The more comments, the better. From here, you can consolidate and look for common themes to work on.

Sit in on Workshops

Throughout your organisation, there should be workshops or strategy sessions running. These will focus on addressing issues, planning for the future, and innovating how you do business. They also tend to have a wealth of knowledge across the company.

When you find out about these workshops, see if you’re able to attend. The right types of sessions can be energetic and invigorating. You’ll break down problems into minute details and learn how to overcome them. These are amazing events that can help strengthen many soft skills.

Watch and Listen

Another great way to improve your soft skills is to simply watch and listen to the people around you. It could be sitting in the corner of a workshop, a leadership team meeting, or one-on-one between colleagues.

Observing how others think, act, and speak in situations allows you to give your undivided attention. You can take learnings away for yourself that you can implement, as well as ask questions from the individuals about why they took a specific approach or did something a certain way.

Make Your Soft Skills a Priority

In a corporate environment, it can be easy to think you need to focus on analysing data, creating reports, and producing presentations. But it’s not. What makes you a great leader is your soft skills. It’s how you empathise with your staff, motivate them so they can reach their full potential, and overcome obstacles to achieve goals. This is where you should prioritise your development.

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