4 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Aren’t Converting

Scratching your head as to why your sales team aren’t getting sales?

Whether you’re in retail or a contact centre, you can go down a rabbit hole trying to figure out why the sales aren’t rolling in. Your first instinct might be to blame the type of prospects you’re getting or the volumes (or lack of) coming in.

However, the best place to start is by reviewing the conversations your sales team is having. They might have previously converted with ease, but not anymore. Buyer behaviour changes, which means they need to alter their approach.

So before you go back to head office with a list of demands for your sales team, make sure they’re not making these mistakes in their conversation.

1. Not Enough Discovery Questions

Many salespeople don’t ask enough discovery questions. Some fear that the more they say, the less likely the prospect will buy. However, this is because they haven’t set it up correctly. It wouldn’t be surprising if the customer felt like they were getting interrogated.

They need to lean into the list of discovery questions worth asking. They should mention upfront that they will ask for a lot of info but that they’re doing this to find the product or service that’s perfect for them. It sets an expectation that information is required to tailor the item to their needs. Speaking of which.

2. Not Personalising the Product

There is no advantage to the customer when a salesperson lists a bunch of features and benefits. It becomes up to the buyer to determine which ones are relevant and which ones aren’t. If they ask the right discovery questions from the beginning, it becomes easier for the salesperson to list what is relevant.

Explain to your sales team that if they ask more discovery questions, they won’t have to work as hard to convert the customer. They only need to hone in on a few features rather than listing all of them and hoping it will get the prospect across the line.

3. Pitching Too Early

There are so many dangers with pitching a product or service too early. The most obvious is that the salesperson ends up discussing something that has no relevance to the prospect. It forces them to have to start over with another item.

This then leads to confusion on the prospect’s end. They may have just heard two or three sets of features and benefits. They’ll start to blur together, and eventually, it all becomes too hard. It all goes back to discovery questions and making sure your sales team ask enough to get what they need to pitch a product or service.

4. Not Closing the Sale

Closing is one of the most vital skills for any salesperson. If they have done their job right, it shouldn’t be difficult. They would have heard verbal cues throughout the conversation that the buyer was interested. This is their opportunity to close the sale and take it to the next stage.

The trick is to have a soft close, so it doesn’t seem pushy or rushed. Coach your sales team to practice asking, “should I get that started” or “I can get this ready for you now”. They should also get comfortable with silence and let the prospect speak first. Don’t rush them and have your objection handling spiels ready just in case.

Continue Evolving the Sales Conversation

Before you start asking corporate for more volume, you need to ensure you have everything in order on your end. Review your sales team’s conversations and make sure they’re asking enough discovery questions, personalising the product or service, not pitching too early, and closing the sale.

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